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  • Creative currencies in the cupboard: Cecile Williams in Denmark
    Article in Garland by Kevin Murray

  • Cecile Williams: Trapped
    Review in Artlink by Nien Schwarz

  • Forward to "Peep" by John Stringer:

    Cecile Williams

    Peep 2001

    Cecile Williams is a Western Australian scuptor whose career has involved her in diverse environmental projects, theatre and street festivals as well as more conventional gallery exhibitions over the last decade. Her subjects and motifs reflect significant travels abroad as well as experiences closer to home. Especially influential on Williams' artistic development has been the opportunity to witness the varied customa and different perspectives of cultures in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. These exotic sources and the artist's own enthusiasm for discovery are significant clues to the quirky and curious images that abound in her work combining the unexpected and unconventional. Inspired by the richness and diversity of popular culture, they draw on humble, universal, everyday experiance. Her pieces celebrate especially the ability of common people to enrich their existence through craft and decoration, showing a warm appreciation and gentle acceptance of the world as is. Though periodically turning to carving Williams more usually builds her peices with pliable materials, using modelling and constructive techniques to combine and transform refuse into strangely haunting pieces. Both in their diminutive scale and emphasis on handcradft Williams' pieces seem related to traditional feminine perogatives and pastimes. Her preference for discarded, found, harvested and recycled materials reflects deeper sentiments and accounts for the varied techniques of collage and assemblage that abound in her work.